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Catalina Coffee & Cookie Co. is family-owned and operated. While you won't discover a Starbucks on Catalina Island -- or nearly any other chain or franchise -- what you will find is an array of small business owners working hard to make Catalina Island a destination that will warm your heart & become a part of your life. 

Our cookie recipes are our own and our in-house specialties are baked fresh daily. Stop by for early morning coffee, a hot breakfast or an afternoon treat. You'll be glad you did.  

Sound yummy but you're not on the island? 

We can ship lots of things directly to you, including coffee by the pound and cookies. Click below to shop our online store. 

Want to send us a note about something else? Use the form to send us an email. This form is not for on-line ordering -- we're a bit busy for that, but you can use this convenient on-line ordering system. 

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